Marital Bliss

The Game for Couples.

Marriage should be fun!

A Unique Gift for Weddings, Anniversaries, Holidays and More!

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What is Marital Bliss?

Traditionally, if you want to play a game for couples you are stuck with two options: you either have to play an uncomfortable and embarrassing "relationship-building" game, or an over-the-top sex game that makes 50 Shades of Grey seem like a children's book. Isn't it time for a game that's a little more light-hearted?


Give a Gift that's sure to be remembered!

Marital Bliss is a unique and memorable gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and more.


The Finks

Hi, we're the Finks and we're gamers. When we couldn't find a fun game for couples, we built our own. We worked hard on the game, shot our own low-budget video, launched a successful Kickstarter campaign, and now here we areproud to offer Marital Bliss as a free download, and as a professionally printed and illustrated game. Keep scrolling down to find everything you need to play!

In a nutshell

What makes Marital Bliss fun?
  • Missions
    The Secret Missions

    "Was that your mission?"

  • Strategy
    The Strategy

    Better marriages through subterfuge™

  • Play for Days!
    The Timeframe

    You play for days, not hours.

  • Rewards
    The Reveal

    "Who wins the reward?"

The word on the street

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Jane McGonnigal

"This card game for couples is seriously cool, I'm a fan."

Jane McGonigal, World-Renowned Game Designer


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